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Swords & Souls Expansion
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3-6 players | 45-90 minutes | ages 10+ 

Face-off against two new revenge-seeking foes! (Not a Standalone game. The We're Sinking base game is required to play.)

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A semi-cooperative, prisoner’s dilemma, hand management, and secret action-taking survival game.


Being a notorious pirate crew may have its advantages but it also means your list of threats grows. From the Royal Navy seeking to rip out any ship that sails under a black sail to the restless souls of the Ghost pirates. These two new enemies provide an increased level of challenge and complexity to your base game of We're Sinking.

  • 1 Navy Sheet

  • 1 Target Damage Card

  • 2 Navy Item Cards

  • 2 Navy Dice

  • 1 Target Token

  • 1 Ghost Sheet

  • 6 Haunted Cards

  • 2 Ghost Item Cards

  • 2 Ghost Dice

  • 3 Ritual Candle Tokens


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Remove lower hull sections to track the ship's descent into the watery depths and reveal hidden chests full of treasure and useful items.

In their Crosshairs

Discuss what tasks to perform with the crew, but keep your true intentions secret until all dials are revealed.

Claim New Items

Choose from four different scenarios each with unique dice, cards, and challenges.

Light the Ritual Candles

If the enemy is defeated, be the pirate with the most treasure in your pockets.

If the ship sinks, be the pirate with the lightest load.

Don't Get Cursed!