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Break My Game - Winter Game Jam

The Break My Game Game Jam has begun!

If you haven't heard be sure to check it out there's still time to sign up! Break My Game is throwing another Game Jam and this time the mechanics are

  • I Cut - You Choose

  • Rondel

  • Modular Board

I've already got ideas swarming in my head, one is an asteroid mining game. Players will collect colored crystals for point, by drawing crystal from a bag and placing on any astroid piece with numbers. Question marks mean the crystals aren't drawn until the play picks that tile. Players take turns cutting and choosing sections of asteroids. The "cutter" is last to pick, but they can organize the tiles in and number of sections they like. Not sure if this one has legs yet more to come hopefully after some playtesting!

another idea im playing with is a pizza game similar to New York Slices but different enough to test out.

What do you all think of these tiny topping meeples??

More to come soon!




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