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We're Sinking - Dev Diary #12

Whatever Floats Your Boat
Boat Go Up, Boat Go Down, Boat Go Up...

For the past year, We're Sinking has had a very "rough" ship model. The original plan was to turn the model into a 3D cardboard constructible. But upgrading it was always on the backburner for me.

Concept Design

I wanted something that would be easy to assemble and then store for quick game set-ups. Set-back after set-back left me frustrated that the biggest element of We're Sinking was still in its earliest prototype phase while everything else was shaping up around it.

Everything I tried ended up looking too simplistic to match the aesthetic of the rest of the game or it became too complicated to assemble and delicate to handle after repeat use. To solve a lot of these issues I considered creating some custom plastic fasteners that would help the cardboard keep its shape and durability. But if I was going to be producing custom plastic molds, why not do a full plastic model? This was the thought that kept coming back to me.

What should I name the ship?

Well, I finally pulled the trigger and teamed up with an incredibly talented 3D modeler. I am super happy with the outcome so far. There are still some minor changes that need to be made.

Everything but the sails is plastic. The 4 sections sit on top of each other and the two masts fit snug into holes up top.

I'm in the process of getting quotes from manufacturers and hoping that the decision to go full plastic doesn't break the bank.

Origins Game Fair

In case you missed last month's post, I'll be attending Origins Game Fair, next week, June 8-12, in Columbus, Ohio. If you plan to attend, swing by Booth #1251 in the main exhibit hall and help us by spreading the word!

I'm partnering with my good friend Matthew Hocker of Coo' Games, to do another giveaway. Those who come by the Ludamus Games booth and sign-up for our mailing list will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a copy of Matthew's latest game, BitterSweet. We'll be giving away a game each day of the conference!

June Event Schedule

Origins isn't the only event I'll be at, here's the full schedule for June:

Next month I hope to be doing some blind playtesting and gathering quotes from manufacturers. Stay tuned for some new artwork too. ; )




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