We're Sinking Box
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Prepare the crew for perilous sea monster encounters, tempting treasure, and dubious teamwork. Will the ship sink or will you defeat the enemy in time? Regardless of the outcome, you'll want to make sure that you alone come out on top!
Pirate Characters
Table Display
Watch the ship sink as tensions rise.
Do you keep working towards collecting all the treasure in the hopes that the ship will be saved? Or do you abandon your loot so you can fit on the lifeboat?
Each turn, players will discuss and choose to perform one of the four tasks.
Water Bucket.png
Water Bucket.png

Will you help Bucket water? You'll be helping the ship by removing water cards from the ship, but you may also luck out in finding rare gem or useful loot.



Will you Patch breaches and cannons? You'll help prevent breaches from spilling water out each turn. You'll need help from the crew to patch larger breaches. You can also fix cannons which will add to the overall firepower against the enemy.



Will you Fire cannons at the enemy? You'll have to sacrifice items from your hand to shoot at the enemy. In return, you'll get to roll cannon dice and hope for a hit or even a double hit!




Will you take advantage of the crisis to Plunder loot? If you're the only one who Plunders, you get ALL the loot. But you will have to split loot evenly if another plunders. If everyone plunders, all the loot is washed overboard while you all fight over it!