​Ludamus Games is a small indie board game publishing company, based in northern Virginia. We are board game enthusiasts who are passionate about creating unique, interactive games with epic table presence.​


Our goal is to share our love of
games with everyone. 

"Ludamus" translates to "Let's Play" in Latin. Therefore, Let's Play Games!

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Ludamus Games
Indie Board Game Publisher

Joseph Frederick

Joseph Frederick
Founder, Game Designer, Graphic Designer

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Joseph is the sole employee of Ludamus Games. He is a graphic designer with a strong passion for board game design. He also helps run the non-profit playtesting community, Break My Game, and sits on the Board of Directors.

Joseph holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, with a focus in Video Game Art and Design. Along the way through college, video games became less interesting and board games grew into more than a pastime. Nowadays designing board games is his day-to-day hobby/obsession.

Outside of the board game world, he enjoys spending time with his better-half, Kate, gardening, biking, 3D printing, and taking on home DIY projects.