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Calling All
Game Designers

Aside from the big box games I am developing in my free time. I would love to work with other designers on smaller game projects. I am seeking to publish other games in a small box capacity. If you have a game that's been playtested and produced into a physical or digital prototype and fits the below criteria, I want to see it! 


Design Criteria:

Sell sheet

Do you have a Sell Sheet for your game? Can you give a one-page elevator pitch overview of the game? What is the player count, time to play, and what age is the game playable at? What is the list of components?

Box Size

Will your game fit into our series of small box games? We are planning to release a series of 3 small box games together as part of a crowdfunding campaign every few years. Games will need to be able to fit inside a 6x6x2 inch box.

3D Table Presence

We are looking for games with a table presence. Your prototypes do not need to reflect this but if there is the potential for 3D visuals (more than cards and flat components) you will have our attention!

5+ Players

Can your game support more than 4 players? More and more we find it's harder to get games to the table because the social event just had one too many people. We want to make it easier for small games to get to the table at social gatherings.

Reach Out!

If your game fits the above criteria, feel free to reach out with your sell sheet and pitch.

Small Box Series Concept_Trans.png
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