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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I have been working with working hard to prepare for MAGFest, the annual Music and Gaming Festival in Maryland. It's always a great time! I'll be demoing We're Sinking and playtesting Toppings from Thursday to Sunday at MAGFest in the tabletop hall. I'm looking forward to seeing some backers and familiar faces!


New We're Sinking Timeline

In case you missed it, There is a new Kickstarter Update with new print proofs and our new timeline for fulfillment. You can find the full update here.



I got to do some playtesting of Toppings this past weekend, where I introduced a new action selection mechanic. Players each have their own pizza cutter dial with an action icon and accompanying number. Players choose an action in secret, and then simultaneously reveal to see what actions will be played. The number associated with the action will determine the player order for the turn. If you think it sounds similar to the action selection in We're Sinking, you're not wrong. Something about that mechanism really fascinates me and I think I want to continue exploring it in different ways.


Other Projects in the Works

We're Sinking and Topping are what I would consider to be standard-sized board games. We're Sinking is just under 12"x12" and Toppings is (currently) in an 11"x11" box. I have lots of ideas for standard-sized games. But lately, I have been playing smaller games and so of course my design brain has been motivated to try to create small box games. I have several game ideas that I've been tinkering with a push-your-luck smores game, a co-op, bag deconstruction game with Kangaroos, and another sea-farring game about merchants trying to ship their goods off without getting eaten by a giant megalodon hunting ships. I haven't playtested any of these so there is a very good chance that these might completely fail.


Event Calendar

MAGFestJan. 18-21 (10am-8pm)


Playtest Weekend Extravaganza!

Game Kastle - Sun, Feb 16th (3pm-6pm)

Labyrinth Games - Sat, Feb 17th (12pm-5pm)

I'll be playtesting Toppings and possibly some other secret projects all weekend at two Break My Game events.


Happy New Year!


- Joseph


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