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MAGFest 2022

Will we see you at MAGFest??

It's official! Ludamus Games will have a table at the Board Game Indie Showcase during MAGFest, January 6-9, in National Harbor, MD. We will be demoing our game We're Sinking as well as playtesting another upcoming title Toppings, all weekend long!

We're Sinking is a semi-cooperative pirate card game about trying to keep your ship afloat all while fighting off enemies and also keeping an eye on crew who may of decided to abandoned ship to save themselves. Artwork is being produced for We're Sinking now, and we hope to launch it on Kickstarter in Q3 2022.


Toppings is a family foodie loving game about cutting pizza and choosing which slices will give you the most yummy toppings and the least yucky ones! We are still in the middle of playtesting Toppings.

If you plan to attend MAGFest, we hope you'll come say hi and play some games with us! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on our table location and other future updates! Cheers,



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