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We're Sinking - Dev Diary #9

Meet the Baddies


I've been obsessing over the Netflix show, Arcane, for the past month. "My Enemy", by Imagine Dragons, has been playing in my head on repeat. So enemies are the theme this month.

Before each game, players will be choosing one of these baddies to go against for the rest of the game. If they can take them out before the ship is destroyed then the crew survives!

Here's an example of an enemy card front and back:

The main side of the card will reference all of the enemies attacks as well as it's life. The back side will give some backstory to the enemies and provide a set-up guide for the game.



I'm giving away a copy of BitterSweet, by Coo Games! For the month of March, folks who sign-up for our Mailing List will be entered into a raffle to win a copy. You can enter this raffle even if you're already on our mailing list, just be sure to resubmit your email. duplicate emails will only be added to the raffle once. A winner will be selected in the first week of April.


Upcoming Events

I have lots of local events happening in March! Come play or say hi!

Saturday, March 19, (11am - 6pm) BMG Playtesting at Labyrinth Games

Sunday, March 20, (3pm - 8pm) BMG Playtesting at Kastle Games

Saturday, March 26, (6pm - 10pm) Demoing at WashingCon

Sunday, March 27, (10am - 2pm) Demoing at WashingCon

Other News

I'll be back in March with lots to talk about!




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