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We're Sinking - Dev Diary #8

Meet the Crew

Hey All, I wanted to thank everyone who has continued to follow along and support me over the past year. Your support means more than you can know. I can't wait to get this game in your hands! 2022 is going to be a busy year! Not only because we plan on launching We're Sinking on Kickstarter later this year but also because I'm getting married in a couple of months and renovating our home soon after. Truly exciting and busy times!

With that our of the way here's a little update on what been going on with We're Sinking. I thought after demoing the game at MAGFest earlier this month, that things would slow down a bit. But boy was I wrong. My artist Roman has been throwing out some amazing artwork. Some of which I'm not quite ready to show but I thought it was time to showcase the 6 playable pirate characters. So without further ado, meet the crew!

All the playable characters in We're Sinking
Meet The Crew!

I'm super happy with the way they came out. Names might be subject to change, but after some feedback and name suggestions on our discord and social media, I think they're at a good place. I may dedicate future updates focusing on individual character backstory along with their special starting items.

Speaking of items, Roman didn't stop there! Here is a sneak peek at 6 new items that will play a role in the game.

Next month I will be teasing the enemies! I'll also be focused on getting the 3D ship component designed, updating the rulebook, and getting ready for a new physical prototype with new cards, a new board, and new artwork. I'll also be hosting in-person playtesting with BMG in Manassas, VA, and playtesting We're Sinking. Feel free to swing by and play or say hi!




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