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International Pizza Day!

Today is International Pizza Day! I hope you all enjoy your favorite pizza! Mine is a Margherita Pizza from a local pizzeria. What a great segue into a Toppings update! I did 3 playtests over the past month and I think we're finally starting to get the polish on things. I still have loads to do, including finishing up artwork and starting work on the rulebook. If things continue at this pace I'm remaining hopeful for a Fall Kickstarter campaign.


We're Sinking Update

I do have a bit of an update since the last Kickstarter Update, we have begun our reprinting at the factory. However, everyone has already taken off for the Lunar New Year and won’t return until the last week in February. They should resume printing and assembly and be ready to put on ships by the middle of March! We are still tracking a late April or Early May for fulfillment followed by the retail release. If you backed or pre-ordered, it’s not too late to update your shipping address just shoot me an email at


Event Calendar

Currently, these are all the events I'm attending for the first half of 2024. Although I'm sure more will pop-up later.


AwesomeCon - Sat, Mar 9 (11am-1pm)

I’ll be running short demos and taking pre-orders of We’re Sinking at the board game hall at AwesomeCon


UnPub - Mar 15-16Come playtest tons of unpublished games! I'll be playtesting Toppings all weekend! 

Gen Con - Aug 1-4

I have submitted to run several games of We’re Sinking at Gen Con and I could use your help! If you're interested in volunteering and earning a complimentary badge for Gen Con, please fill out this form. We’d love to have your help and support!


Happy Pizza Eating!


- Joseph


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