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Toppings - Dev Diary #2

Virtual and In-Person Playtesting

Hey everyone this will be a sweet but short update. Virtual playtesting with Toppings has been going well! Besides regular virtual playtesting with Break My Game I also recently attended a online Protospiel event. With COVID-19 still very much impacting in-person playtesting, I can't express how much virtual playtesting on Tabletop Simulator (TTS) has changed my workflow for the better. Before when I worked on a game design, if would take weeks or even months building out 2D and 3D printed components. Working in TTS has made my workflow so much more productive, now I can throw some card designs together upload them and be ready to playtest in a matter of hours. What's more thanks to online communities like Break My Game and others. Meeting others around the globe is not only possible but pretty convenient as well. There are virtual playtesting events happening every day! That you can jump into and get the feedback you need to progress. I am extremely thankful for the communities and tools we have at our disposal.

That being said I cannot wait to get back into in-person playtesting! In fact I'm working on a physical version on Toppings right now, that I hope to playtest with my fiancé and other family members.

You can see the transition from digital toppings to physical CNC wood cut pieces. I just finished painting them last night. I considered 3D printing these pieces but for some reason I really wanted to see these tokens in wood, and so far I am super thrilled with them.

More to come soon!

Cheers, JF

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