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Toppings - Project Shift

Toppings is on hold for now

Hey folks, I've made the decision to postpone Toppings possibly indefinitely for a two reasons:

For a first time self-publishing project, Toppings was geared-up to be a big-box game with 40-50 wooden tokens, among other plastic tokens, cards and punchboard components. I was concerned about taking on a project with so many components and dealing with shipping a potentially very heavy game. With the current shipping cost crisis that's happening, It was enough to cause me to pause and rethink my goals.

Secondly, I was feeling in a bit of a rut with Toppings. It's hard to explain, but I just couldn't fit the last pieces of the puzzle into the mechanics. Something was missing and I wasn't finding a good solution. I was getting burned out and not feeling the excitement and joy of working on the game. Usually when I've hit a design block like this it's time to shelve the idea and work on something else. Maybe I go work on an older shelved project or sometimes I start something new. In this case I chose something old and new. ; )

I've decided to move up production on a smaller game that I've had in the works. One that has really been taking off in playtesting and getting myself and others excited about it. This smaller game will ultimately be cheaper to manufacture and ship. As a bonus, it will also create a smaller carbon footprint. I hope you will stay tuned as I continue this exciting journey to publishing our first game!

Stay tuned for updates on the new game!




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