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We're Sinking - Dev Diary #14

We're On Our Way!

Ahoy Maties!

The ship is rock'in, but we're still sail'in straight, closer and closer to the Kickstarter campaign!

Preview Copies I've been working on assembling preview copies to send out to content creators early next month. I've got quite a few previews, and playthrough videos Lined up with several amazing content creators.

Assembling Preview Copies of We're Sinking
Assembling Preview Copies of We're Sinking


I'm still polishing the rulebook and getting example graphics added. I may see about publicly posting a digital copy soon to gather feedback.

Video Production

I've teamed up with the great folks from Kagan Productions to develop a Kickstarter video. You can check out their amazing work here.

New Spooky Enemy Roman, has been hard at work on some new enemies for a mini-expansion that we'll have available during the Kickstarter. Here's a little teaser of one of the new enemies:

The Ghosts
The Ghosts

Upcoming Events

Next Month I plan to make at least 3 appearances to playtest and demo:

What's Next

Next Month will be a continuation of preparing the rulebook, preview copies, and video production possibly a photoshoot of components along the way.




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