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We're Sinking - Dev Diary #4

Battles and Action Dials

This may be the biggest change to the game yet! Up until now players have always have exactly three actions to choose from each turn. Bucket, Loot or Patch.

The more I playtested the more situations I would run into where the choices began to feel stale and uninteresting. Especially if there were no breach cards in play, that meant there were really on two actions to choose from instead of three. That is until now... I've decided to add a fourth action - Fight!

Fighting allows players to roll dice. Yup there are now dice in the game. 24 dice to be exact, 6 for each enemy. Yup there are enemies, as in multiple! Each game of We're Sinking will let players choose from one of the enemies to go up against. Each die only has two symbols on them. Each symbol has a different effect depending on if the enemy is attacking or if the players are fighting back.

Enemy Cards and Dice

How do battles work? At the beginning of a turn, all 6 dice that correspond with the active enemy are rolled. If any symbols are rolled, players read off the enemy card's results and resolve them, these are usually bad, like adding breach cards to the deck or stealing your loot.

When revealing actions on a turn, players can now choose to take the Fight action, this allows them to discard up to two cards to roll one die per discard. If any symbols are revealed in this way players read off the Fights section of the Enemy cards and resolve them. These are usually good things like removing a die from the game or getting your loot back.

Compass Dials are replacing the poker chips for the player's hidden actions. Instead of having 3 poker chips for each player (18 Poker chips) Now we only need 1 dial per player. I'm really excited to start playtesting with these in-person! More to come on that. ; )

We also have a new custom table in Tabletop Simulator! What do you all think?

New TTS Table
New TTS Table

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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