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  • What Happens if we run out of Water cards in the Water Deck?
    This has never happened during playtesting, but theoretically there are some situations where it could. If a player would draw and no cards are available, nothing happens, the player does not draw. If you get to Step 3 of a new round and cannot deal out the exact amount of water or treasure cards. Than move to Sinking Procedures to reset the round.
  • Do I have to use an items ability to play it?
    Yes, if you are playing the card for it's triggered ability, you must be able to complete the ability.
  • How do you add up points for the Cursed Amulets?
    Cursed Amulets are not duplicative of one another. In other words, if you have 4 Amulets cards in your hand, then the total value of all 4 cards is 12 Points.


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