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Toppings - Dev Diary #1

A Game For Picky Pizza Eaters

It's been a crazy month, since the BMG Winter Game Jam wrapped up and i've been busy eating PIZZA! Oh yea, and also doing a ton of playtesting for my new pizza game, Toppings.

Things are still very early but I am getting promising feedback from playtesters.

Currently the game is played with 2 to 5 players. Players draw 4 cards from a deck of cards each with a single topping on them. Players place these in their personal tableau and choose which toppings to use as their two Yums (Positive points) and two Yuks (Negative points). Then players set-up the pizza board in the middle by arranging topping tokens from a back randomly around the pizza until there is a token in each pizza section. Then players draw Sauce tokens and place them around the border of each pizza slice. Sauce tokens are special actions that you can take on a turn to help Swap, Discard, or Trade topping tokens.

I plan on continuing work on Toppings for the foreseeable future, and I'll keep you all posted with any updates. Could be Ludamus Game's first published title? Hmmm More to come soon! Cheers, JF


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