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We're Sinking! - Dev Diary #1

Captain! We're Sinking!
Card playing area
First Prototype

Hey Folks! So last blog post I spoke about shifting directions and postponing Toppings, check that post out if you missed it here. I also teased my next project a little. Today I am excited to introduce you to "We're Sinking!".

We're Sinking, is a semi-cooperative hand management game about a pirate crew trying to bucket water and patch up their leaking ship before it sinks. Meanwhile gems and treasure are floating around and temping the pirates to loot amongst the chaos. If the ship makes it to safety before it sinks, the winner is the one with the most gems in hand. But if the ship sinks, only one player can escape on the life-boat. the player with the fewest cards in hand. (the lightest pirate)

I've been doing small playtests over the past month and I've finally decided to move forward on building this into the first published game under Ludamus Games. I can't wait to share more with you!

For now however, I can't share too many specifics. There is a lot to do, and right now that means lots and lots of playtesting!

More to come soon!



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